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Fort Collins Blues Society-- Vision / Fantasy
The following article outlines some of the initial thinking regarding the creation of a Blues Society organization in Fort Collins. Let's look at the Who, What, Where, Why, How, When, aspects of this overall vision.

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  • The Fort Collins Blues Society ( FOCOBS ?) activities will be centered in FOCO and Northern Colorado.
  • An official name needs to be adopted to complete legal papers and registrations.
  • ALL interested musicians, friends, fans, enthusiasts, hangers-on, groupies, wanna-bes, humanoids, earthlings are encouraged to join and take an active role in the Society.
  • The Society will be an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, dependent on the activities and support of its membership.
  • Wide spread participation by members is expected to make the activities, events, and governance of the Society successful.
  • The Society will be a positive, mutually supportive, group of people united in our shared appreciation of Blues music.


  • The overall purpose of the FOCOBS is to help promote, preserve, and proliferate the appreciation, enjoyment and performance of Blues Music.
    • The Society will do this by providing services to :
    • Musicians
    • Music venues and hosts
    • Schools and students
    • Fans and friends of the Blues
    • Sponsors
    • FOCO Community
    • Charitable organizations
  • The Society will sponsor the Annual Fort Collins Blues Festival.
  • The Society will promote fun, fellowship, mutual support, inclusiveness, cooperation, and friendships among its members. IT'S  ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, AND THE FUN !

The vision of the Society is to paint Fort Collins in "SHADES OF BLUE" , by:

  • Establishing and supporting multiple venues where Live Music is performed,
  • Promoting Blues Music in these locations,
  • Sponsoring community events where Blues Music is the focus,
  • Taking Blues Music, history, culture, demonstrations, and presentations into the schools,
  • Actively supporting local charitable organizations.

Another vision for the Society is to establish a HOME for the FOCOBS that would provide rehearsal space, practice rooms, access to equipment, meeting space and fellowship.

The purpose of the Fort Collins Blues Society is to :

  • Promote Blues Music in our community as a rich and values genre,
  • Promote live performances of Blues Music,
  • Support, nurture, and introduce musicians who have an interest in the Blues,
  • Provide entertainment to fans , friends, and Blues enthusiasts in Fort Collins,
  • Introduce students to the traditions, sounds, history, and culture of the Blues,
  • Support local charitable activities,
  • Create an identity and community for like minded folks who appreciate Blues Music.

The FOCO Blues Society needs a structure that reflects positive values and provides the framework for enacting its vision. The breadth of Society functions, the desire for wide participation, the volunteer nature of the group, and the diversity of skills and talents needed to be successful, suggest the need for a multiple committee organization.
Committee focus and functions include:

  • PEOPLE---membership, outreach, public relations, involvement
  • MONEY---fund raising, marketing, fiscal matters, fiduciary requirements
  • CONTACTS---communications, networking, information hub, promotions
  • TEACHERS---educational outreach, programs, curricula development
  • PLAYERS---Musician services  * see addendum for some suggested activities
  • I's and T's DOTTERS---administration, records, nitty-gritty, bookkeeping
  • PARTIERS---event planning, logistics, support
  • PRODUCERS---special events, FOCO Blues Festival
  • DO GOODERS---community services, charity, outreach
  • JUGGLERS---coordinating committee to support and assist all other groups

WOW!! That's a lot of committees!!
This structure involves a committee chair and at least two members for each function. With each of these functioning committees, there will be a cadre of at least 30 people actively engaged in the business of the Society, each with a specific focus and support. These 30 folks can also comprise the STEERING COMMITTEE of the organization and be involved as representatives for the other members. This structure is the foundation for an inclusive, viable, dynamic, member driven, participatory, shared responsibility organization.


  • The seeds for the FOCOBS were planted over a year ago when a small group of musicians floated the idea by each other. This germination continued with periodic discussions of the concept.
  • Those seeds were watered after the Fort Collins Blues Festival this fall when an assessment of interest was conducted. Nearly 200 people provided contact information and expressed support for the idea of a FOCOBS.
  • A few buds have sprouted through the efforts of a few folks who had the time and commitment to continue the discussion.
  • This initial VISION / FANTASY statement is the first bloom in the FOCOBS garden, This mailing is an attempt to articulate the focus, structure, tasks, and commitments needed to make the FOCOBS a successful organization.
  • ( How did you like the extended metaphor about seeds and plants and blooms? My wife was an English teacher and I'm afraid to let her read this.)

This is also an INVITATION and SOLICITATION to you . Please look over the materials and think about what skills, interests, and talents you can bring to the party to become an active participant/leader in this Society.

Please volunteer, express interest, step-up, nominate someone, offer your humble services, and get involved in planting, tending and enjoying the FCOCOBS community garden. ( It is not really a garden, it is a metaphor again.)